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Performance & Suspension

Turbocharged or normally aspirated, performance holds no grudge (on-topic & heavily moderated).

Designed to allow discussion on all aspects of improving the performance of your Volvo. 'Performance' meaning above and beyond factory specs, not repair or what I like to call 'preventive maintenance' (improving on OEM items solely for them to last longer - e.g. urethane bushings, stainless brake lines, silicon hoses, etc). Essentially, if the topic you wish to discuss is regarding making your brick faster, this is the right forum.

Maintenance & NonPerformance

The forum for those of us who like the 'Do It Yourself Repair' book section.

For topics regarding mods that aren’t necessarily making your car faster as well as help topics for diagnosing troubles, how to repair broken items, testing methods, etc. The majority of these threads are repair oriented (please search first, there’s lots of circulating information here), however topics such as converting to electric sunroof, or installing late model starter motor would be a non-perf mod.

Article Composition

The starting point for your potential articles. Threads must be rough-draft or greater quality.

Before an article is published on the website, a rough-draft is posted up here for other members to verify and add to if needed. Basically its a way to have the expertise of a technical editor review your claims before you publish it. Once that step is complete and you've added/edited/revised you would then follow the procedures for submitting the article to the staff.

The Vault

Comment on currently published articles. New topics will be supplied by the moderators.

This forum is designed for additional comments and information on existing articles. Things such as follow up details or alternative options as well as general comments on if you've attempted this are added here.

For Sale

Got something to sell or trade? heres the forum for you (registered users only).

Volvo specific items and cars for sale by members. Read the rules and guidelines regarding the propper etiquette for posting in this forum.


Looking for something specific? hopefully someone will have it! (registered users only).

For posting up items you're looking for, chances are someone has one for sale themselves, or knows where to get one.

Website & Board

Updates, contests, comments & questions, new member introductions, etc.

Dana's forum - anything operational related in regards to the board or the site. A place to check for updates or projects that are going on regarding turbobricks, etc. Also for members ideas, suggestions, comments, questions etc that you would like to have additional public input on. Otherwise you can contact the mods using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.


Upcoming events, shows/meets/gatherings - this is the place to find one in your area.

A place to post meets in your area or rsvp to others. Everything from local bricksters meeting for coffee to large car shows that people will travel for. Sticky topics available on request - must have set date and location that will be in the subject.


Show off your Volvo or ask questions about styling and audio modifications.

The atheistic catch-all forum as well as a place to post up pictures and videos Volvo related. Aside from multimedia, this forum also encompasses styling mods and questions such as lights, interior, audio, car care techniques & products, tinting, etc. Basically mods that you do to make your car look different.


For all your interests other than Volvos (Registered Users Only).

Everything else. This is a forum to post anything thats not volvo/turbobricks related. Basically a giant chatroom where you can converse about almost any topic. Make friends or make enemies, its up to you. Read the rules and guidelines first, and consider yourself warned - this is where most people get into trouble.

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