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Updates. I have a plan I think...
I’ve ordered the Lucacarmods lift kit. Going to be on 235/65R17 tires. Picked up a set of strut cores to modify, so I have a set to revert back to this lowered stance later. I’ve ordered a leather repair kit. Also researching changing interior colours since the dash is so faded and I’m already going to be restoring the seats. I’m debating swapping carpets or just dying them because they are heavily stained.

Coming soon-
Finally fixing the speedometer LOL
4 new brake calipers RF is seized and my guess the other 3 won’t bleed may as well do flex lines.
Repairing the exhaust using parts from a 3” stainless kit that was custom made for another car.
Replacing the windshield and repairing the rust around the windshield.
Valve cover gasket. Install the Yoshifab catch can mod. That will also get that leak under control hopefully.
Finish the refinish of the wheels they will be bright silver.
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