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Default oil filter relocation question! b230ft

~'90 740T B230FT w/ factory oil cooler~
I ordered this derale kit from (links below) Amazon, it appears it'll work?
My question is what sort of (3/4-16) male to male adapter do I need to go from the block to my adapter plate? I figured there would be a suitable brass fitting at home depot but I'm curious what y'all's solutions have been.

Adapter in my brain: brass fitting Amazon link

kit I ordered:Derale Amazon link

Someone also recommend this somewhere I read: EATON AEROQUIP 2041-8-8S

Idk why but the -AN or JIC type seems like it wouldn't work well but wtf do I know?

Lastly I figured i'd just plumb the oil cooler inline with everything & I wouldn't have too many issues? Feed to feed return to return & maybe relocate it just south of the coolant res on the passenger fender?
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