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Originally Posted by dbh86 View Post
Can you come clean my engine bay so it looks like yours???
For a price
Originally Posted by GrandmaSideways View Post
Probably used the time the engine was out to do a good long wax and polish.
Actually the pressure washer and degreaser did all that. There are still a few spots that I could touch up by hand though.
Originally Posted by therealmark View Post
Looks great Eric! I can't believe that's the same engine bay.

I'll miss the "slap slap slap slap" sound of the old motor idling though...

Yes, and the plume of burning oil. She shall be missed...

If I could've blown the motor up in one last glory run, I would have, but since the turbo went first, I didn't really have the power necessary to do that.
Originally Posted by Tick View Post
Nice project. In fact I may be copying the 90 bumper as an alternative to fixing my fog lights since I have one hanging in my rafters.
You might already know, but you'll need to have the 90+ bumper shocks as well. Also the sheetmetal is different on the 89-, so for the sides you will probably have to drill some holes in the metal to move the side mounts around, or use bolts, whatever. I just have the slide mount things in the stock location, with only one bolt attached to allow it to pivot. It's alright, but when I take the bumper off to make it black, I'll put it back on better so that it lines up on the side. You will also have to spacer your headlights out a bit because of the curved shape of the bumper.

Here are some pictures I took today of the methanol injection system that I installed yesterday. First I took the windsheild washer reservoir out and cleaned it inside and out, cleaned the filter, and got any gunk out of the inside. Then I drilled a hole in the back of it to put in the fitting for the feed of the methanol pump. I mounted the pump next to the reservoir on the passenger side with some self tapping screws:

Then I took the cold side pipe off and drilled it for the nozzle. I'm using an M5 nozzle which is ~374cc/min at 150psi, which is a little on the high side for the power I am running right now, but should be about right when I get the bigger injectors installed and double the boost. There is also a check valve right before the nozzle, so that water/methanol does not get sucked into the engine when not boosting, and also to stop boost pressure from pushing the water/methanol back through the pump.


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