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Default Philly-Carlisle Caravan Thread 2013-Year of Swedes!!

Here it is! Meeting at the South Philly Ikea at 9:00am Friday, May 17th. Leaving the Ikea at 10:00am for the Perkins truck stop off I-81 in Harrisburg. We'll meet up with some other caravans at the Perkins and we'll roll in with ALL THE VOLVOS after a truck stop lunch and inevitably, repairs. (Jen.)

Most of us will have CB radios and EZpass, so everyone please plan accordingly. I'll have a few two way radios for those of you not able to procure CBs.

South Philly Ikea address: 2206 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Perkins address: 7833 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112

So who's in?

1. FlyingTog/Pete/'97 965R
2. XxJenoxX/Jen/Whatever is running
3. Amerbritcan/Jay/whatever is running
4. Bassguy/Sean and Becky/pepperwagon 245
5. EUROmotion/Ryan/beige/gold metallic 245
6. Bonerjams240GL(DL?)/Troy and Anna/244
7. Turbomatic2010/Dave/outrageous 745 16vT or Tofuyota
8. 1983volvo245/Matt/'82 Fb Rex.
9. Da_Folvo/Drew/2011 C30 R-Design
10. CoconutLeah/Leah/BigFoot
11. VivaLaVolvo/Josh/'95 855T
12. PhillyTim/Tim & Natalie/745.0
13. Manderino/Chuck/'84 242
14. Not-on-TB/Jared/1960's vauxhall viva.
15. V tech/Andy/'78 242?/TE37 equipped Mustang?/Unreliable Saffron V70R?
16. CollinstheClown/Mike/Darth244 with lasers
17. 240DLSteve/Steve/GoldieBox 244
18. ThunderCougarFalconBird/Matt/'02 GTI
19. Eheron/???/1992 Volvo 240 - T5 Swap
Originally Posted by Crazychopstick View Post
Just a 960 bumper returning to its original form.
97 965R M90 My car! It's Purple! 267K+! 15.66@89.14
83 Group A 242. 7k+ original miles. Long term project.
98 V90 Parts car. Olive Green. 197K+
98 V90 Parts car. Tropical Green. 177K+
59 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. Project car.
94 Miata. Weekend car with 66K+ original miles!
94 Miata. LeMons project.

960 build thread:

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