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Originally Posted by Ruben View Post
Why not find a B230FT from a 940 hook it up to a 240 wiringloom from a late 240 and get in to run on LH2.4.... You can use your head and ditch the block...... Might be easier and cheaper. Change the sensors LH2.4 uses and I'm pretty sure you'll be happy. Just my 2cents.
Or buy a new car or even donorcar.
I did though about swapping the B230 from my old 740 from 89 had about 200.000 on it but it FAILED on the wiring.. so that is a healty B230. Could i just swap those and be done with it?

Like i said im new to revision of the whole engine, so that whole LH2.4 Stuff is really hocusspokus to me? might have to read up on it.. then again a whole conversion might be harder then just replacing the seals? .. i am so confused!
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