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Originally Posted by 240keith View Post
Good looking car Colin!

Danny, who shares a shop with Advanced Automotive on Aero Camino is supposed to be pretty good, and popular for the hot rod guys.

He did a stainless repair for us for cheap, but I haven't needed to use him on any of my personal stuff (haven't needed yet)

Let me know if you need a hand with it.
Thanks for the offer and the lead Keith! They have photos of an URS4-RS2 on their site so they probably like working on unique stuff

Originally Posted by jack View Post
I loved your 780. I saw it few times on the 101 going south when I lived in SB

I have a soft spot for the 140s now. Rare at this point that they are almost obscure. I enjoy very much finding the correct parts for them.

Im building my own exhaust with an R sport muffler I found
Thanks! Let me know how the exhaust turns out
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