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Originally Posted by NO_SPRK View Post
Great job on the clock. I didn't pull oNE in the JY because I was told they never work.
Here is the article I found. I think Volvo VDO clocks must be "Type 1"

Originally Posted by Tfrasca View Post
Looking good. I'm interested to see if you get much more NVH with the torque rods. I've been going back and forth on the Yoshifab ones or shortening stockers w/ poly bushings.
I'll have first hand driving experience in the next few days and obviously let you know what I find out. The whole driveline and the springs will be a lot happier I'm sure. I've heard the same things about NVH but Josh had them in stock and I'm sick of having the rear end of the car up in the air since I couldn't comfortably clear the 8 inch wide rims in the back with the rear end pushed all the way to the back of the wheel arch.
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