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Got a lot done tonight!

Yoshifab Adjustable Torque Arms
IPD Front Sway Endlinks

First I jumped on the bits from Yoshifab. The shipping was incredibly fast and the parts are really nicely made. I jacked the car up and popped the original arms off. The new ones popped right in and then I was able to adjust them to bring the rear towards the front of the car. So smooth and easy:

The tire had about 1/2 inch of clearance to the rear of the opening until I put these on. I may have overshot a little bit and tomorrow I will look at pushing it back a little. The springs are in alignment again so I think they will be a lot happier. Instead of taking it for a drive I decided to put on the new endlinks since I was on a roll.

When I put the 28mm front sway on the car IPD was sold out of endlink kits. I ordered some bushings that I thought were similar enough. As you can tell from the photo that was pretty stupid...

Slowly but surely!
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