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Hi, I need some advice and hope this is the place to ask. I'm sorry for digging up an old thread. I'm doing a manual conversion on my '97 960 3.0. Putting a M90 into it. I'm a bit unsure which flywheel I can use. The stock one, part no 9163902, seems to be very difficult to source. I've found a different one, part number 9176206 that is plentiful in the junkyards. It was used on several different cars, including the early S80s which have the same 3.0 engine as my 960. Would this be a good pick? I know most people prefer to swap in a single mass flywheel, but I'm not driving my car particilarly hard so I really don't see the point. I think this flywheel is for cars with an internal slave cylinder. I have no idea what that is, and I don't know if it would be an issue?

Also, I have a brand new Sachs clutch kit sitting on the shelf. It's the one for the 940/960 with the M90 transmission. Is there a chance I could use it with the S80 flywheel, 9176206? It's always nice to save a bit of money.
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