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Originally Posted by LC4CARL View Post
Chicks dig Volvo wagons.
Originally Posted by brickcupra View Post
Hey , glad to hear you got your wish!!!
I am still doing mods in my 240 wagon, hopefully i get them done by September.
Take care and enjoy the build!!!
Wagons are the best!

I had a few minutes to investigate the heated seats, neither switch powers on. It looks like someone spilled a coffee on the switches at some point. I replaced the little backlight bulb for them and cleaned up the outside. Now I need to see if I can dissemble and clean the contacts inside the rocker or if I just need to replace them. ::: edit::: Figured out how to get them out... sure enough they were full of ancient coffee:

After a reasonably solid cleaning I got one of them to at least light up. The internal bulb in the other looked pretty blown so I’m not surprised it didn’t bounce back. Does the car have to be running for the heater to turn on? I didn’t want to start the car up to confirm if the seat heated up but tomorrow is a new day!

I also found out that the front fog light switch turns on the ac aux fan... that will be fun to sort out I’m sure.
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