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Old 11-15-2022, 03:21 PM   #376
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Location: mont, AL

^that's reasonably accurate however considering I haven't wrapped up the easiest LS swap ever, there's not much free time for ol tommy boy. been a wild back half of the year trying to manage all the things, hoping for a bit of a slowdown after this upcoming trip so I can get back into the swing of it. (kent's been busy too, the car is sitting on the ground and can be pushed around, so it's not holding up progress for other things either)
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Old 11-26-2022, 09:28 AM   #377
Lord Tentacle
Anime Lord
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sunday morning works for me... see u all on 3rd
Originally Posted by .:Sven:. View Post
Your not getting naked pics of my GF, and im getting a 3inch. Its settled
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Old 11-29-2022, 02:56 PM   #378
Oh, THAT Dean...
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I'm down if I remember.
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Old 11-30-2022, 10:23 AM   #379
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I will try and remember this.
@volvosruinedmylife for pics of my volvo shenanigans
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Old 11-30-2022, 04:09 PM   #380
Wilford Brimley
Is posting from the grave
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I have a lot happening but I might show
Deb the 944T Tina XC90 T5
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