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Default 1968 144s

Hello everyone,

So I have a new project and need some direction. Saw a conversion on a similar project car using R32 skyline setup (1st google search).

I currently have girlings on both axles: front left caliper is seizing and no rear brakes due to clogged proportioning valves so...

If I have to change/bypass/unclog? the valves and rebuild all 4 calipers what options are out there to upgrade the entire system? If not, any leads on where to get the caliper parts for a rebuild?

Thanks for any advice!
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164 vented rotors and calipers for the front, nice part is straight bolt on
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I'd start with 6 new flex lines, and go from there.


NOS Girling rebuild stuff pops up on ebay from time to time.
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how psi stock cna sprout?

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New flex lines and rebuild the factory calipers, or swap in 164 brakes up front, or 240 rotors and grind down 240 calipers to fit the 140.

The later is what I'll be going with. I had a blast on a spirited cruise around a lake, but by the end my brakes were mush from being so warm, going with vented rotors should help a ton.
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