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Default torque converter problems

Hi moving foward with my AW70 automatic mated to the B20 engine with a 6 bolt crankshaft started looking at bolting things together today no flex plate yet but the nose on the torque converter is aprox 3/4 ' in dia and the hole in the crankshaft is little more than 1/2 no way that these are going to fit what do i need to do to fix it .. take the bearing out and get a brass bush .What is the correct way to fix this thanks Mike
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There are 2 different types of converter bushing. One is integrated into the spacer and the other is separate. If you're using the one with the separate bushing the pilot bearing will need to be removed. These parts should come with the flex plate.

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No pilot bearing with an AT.
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so there's no bearing for the converter nose. pull the throwout bearing out (if that's still in the crank), and see how it squares up to the OD of the pilot bearing. you'll need it to center up the flexplate anyway, or a flexplate/spacer/pilot bushing from a bw55 car depending (not sure on bolt spacing for the converter on those tbh)
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Thanks guys that puts that problem to bed think the part will be with the flex plate i will remove the needle bearing. As i am in contact with you Guys is 5 mm or 3/16 the correct amount of back and foward clearance on the torque converter
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