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Markos Simopoulos
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Default ms3x knock module

Hello everyone,
I am converting my ms1 to ms3x and while I was at it I wanted to add the ms3 knock module that DIY autotune sells, however there is one problem...... its out of stock I imagine because the tpic8101dw chip is discontinued. Sooooooo I am making my own knock module with JLCPCB, my only problem is I need to know which pin on tpic8101dw (knock module) goes to pin 27 on the ms3 daughter card. I can find all the other pins with pictures but there is one I cant really see where it goes.

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The chip is not discontinued, or at least digikey.com (USA) and uk.farnell.com (UK) both list it as in stock and not EOL. Technically, the MS3 knock sensor software is "NOTE! This feature is only licensed for use with JSM add-on board". That being said, you need connections to the full SPI interface, including SDI/SDO/SCLK and /CS pin 8.
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Markos Simopoulos
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yes its still in stock but in small quantities in some places, but I'm not sure if that means its still being made, so I guess that's why no one wants to make the module anymore? either way I asked DIY autotune and they said they have no idea if its ever going to be in stock again. So this is why I am doing it this way....... as far as the connections go I can see how everything works except there is one routing that goes under the chip and I have no idea where it goes..... so I was wondering if anyone has one and could tell me where it goes. Or if someone has a knock module they'd sell me.....

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