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Default '90 240 trailer hitch installation

Got a quick question for y'all. I'm installing a curt hitch, and part of the instructions say something like "remove weld nuts if they are present". Obviously this is so the large bolt can fully drop through the frame rail.

Is there a simple way to remove this weld nut? Seems not so easy because it is inside the frame rail.

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Good luck,there is no easy way to do this. I have used a cold chisel in the past.

Dave Riedle
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Kjets On a Plane
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The long bolts pass through the captivated nuts and then spacers are used with a nut and washer on the bottom.
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You shouldn't be removing anything but the existing bolts and replacing them with M14x2x120 Bolts that you can get fully threaded from www.sosmetal.com

The rest were M14x2x120 bolts

Check this installation guide that uhaul still has up . It helped me a lot with understanding the parts. You can make the washers with 1/2 pipe as well .. double check the ID fits the M14 I don't remember 100%.


if that link doesn't directly work just go to www.uhaul.com and them to towing and hitches and put in info for any volvo 240 and then click installation guide and a pdf will show up.
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