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Default Budget track car brake fade issues

Hey all, I recently took my turbobrick out for my first track session a few weekends back. Before the event, I put new EBC Yellowstuff pads in the front and Bosch metallic pads in the rear. I also did a full flush with DOT4 fluid.

The brick did really well other than some scary brake fade moments. It seemed like the hotter it got, the squishyer the pedal got. I talked to some brake guys and they all had different ideas. Another factor to keep in mind is that the brake bleeder nipples broke off of BOTH front calipers. I figure I can go at this two ways:

Option 1 (expensive)
- R calipers in the front (potentially also in the rear down the line)
- Race compound pads all around
- Stainless brake lines
- RBF 600 fluid

Option 2 (cheap)
- Replace front calipers with set I have on a parts car
- Race compound pads all around
- Stainless brake lines
- RBF 600 fluid
- Air ducting for cooling ?

I really don't want to go back on the track with a good chance of experiencing fade, especially as I start going faster. Is the OEM stuff really good enough?

More car specs:
- 1992 sedan (factory ABS)
- b230+t around 200hp
- 255s on 17x9s
- Brand new master cylinder
- Around 2700lbs without driver
- Top speed on the straight was around 110mph
1992 240 Turbo'd, MS, Track Car
1986 245 Daily
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