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Old 09-20-2022, 10:30 PM   #1
DD Ranch
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Default Track Day Prep - 240 - Battery Tie Down

For those who have done this kind of thing before ...

To get through Safety for an SCCA Track Day, the car has to have a battery tie-down and battery terminal covers.

What have people done for the battery tie down for a 240? Nothing I've seen is going to work without some modification to it anyway.
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Old 09-20-2022, 11:35 PM   #2
2-digit whp
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I don't know anything about scca rules, but I'll share what I've done with my small lithium battery. I removed the battery tray which leaves you with a nice little metal platform which I laid some adhesive-backed rubber strips on. Then I made a simple bracket and put a rubber strip on that. I held it down with these nice j-hooks which have flat edges and they grab onto the battery platform's edges perfectly.


But then I decided to just go with a cam buckle strap. I laid two layers of duct tape on the battery platform's edges to prevent abrasion against the strap.

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> rear suspension: lesjofors 131-188 lb/in spring, koni sport damper, 19 mm bar
> wheel: 15x7 multi-x
> tire: 225/60R15 bfgoodrich radial t/a
> misc: 6 lb lithium battery
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Old 09-21-2022, 02:00 AM   #3
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For endurance racing we use J-hooks or threaded rods, through the sheet metal with a solid metal strap on top. The battery should also not be able to slide around.

Something like this. https://bangshift.com/bangshift1320/...-on-the-cheap/
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Old 09-21-2022, 07:54 AM   #4
I.M. Weasel
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I just welded 3/8" all thread in and made the top with wide metal strap material with a piece of rubber under it.
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Ronald Culberbone III
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I used an old motorcycle chain, some angle iron, and a long bolt to make a hold down. It wrapped around the battery and tray, and held it all together. This was years ago, and I wish I still had it!
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Old 09-21-2022, 02:49 PM   #6
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I have a plastic box with a metal bar across the top of battery. Long bolts hold it down to nuts welded on floor. While doing a race it came loose. - i didnt install it this way. The battery moved just enough to weaken the welded nuts and break free. Yikes! So if you use a box, secure the box to the floor, and then battery seperate.
The bottom my box wasn't secured but is now!
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Ratchet strap

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Here's the FancybrickersTM solution:

Herr Harlard am Erstens
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DD Ranch
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Yeah, that one's way too sexy for just one day!!!!

Seriously, thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Very helpful.
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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Here's the FancybrickersTM solution:
personally i like a wingnut on a battery tiedown. i would be very annoyed to get caught without a torx bit or whatever in a moment where i need to yank the battery.
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have you tried searching over on the turbobricks forums? a lot of jerks there, but some good info
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Rachet strap
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^almost like a big zip tie
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A ratchet strap is even allowed for Autocross. I doubt it will pass tech for a track day. Accordind to the rules here, any flexible hold down method is unacceptable.

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