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by Dave Barton

This page will outline a simple and inexpensive primary electric fan conversion for the Volvo 240 and 740. While there are many options for your Volvo when it comes to keeping cool, this one is presented at face value with no specific claims, other than my own experiences.

The fan depicted is from an early to mid-eighties Buick, Chevy or other General Motors mid-sized car with the front-wheel-drive 4 cylinder or V-6. (Sorry about the photo quality.)  It is made by AC Delco and is designed to be a primary fan for the car it originated in.  This fan will cost between $10 and $30 from a self-serve auto salvage facility. Dimensions for this fan are as follows:  Height and width = 17 inches, Depth at shroud housing next to motor = 3 1/8 inches, Depth at rear of fan motor = 4 1/4 inches, Fan blade diameter = 14 inches.
The original mounting ears will need to be removed for fitment to a Volvo radiator. A hacksaw does just fine here.  In the photo to the right the "ears" have been cut off, but are left next to the fan so you can see where they were.
You'll need some mounting hardware. The simplest method will be with sheet metal screws, washers and these funny little sheet metal nuts.
The photo to the right shows an existing hole in the top flange of the radiator. All Volvo rafiators will have these holes for mounting of the original fan shroud. The sheet metal nut can be used here. You will then need to drill a small hole in the new fan shroud directly over the original hole.

The fan is held to the radiator by four such screws, two at the top and two at the bottom. You may need to drill the holes in the bottom flange.
Here we have the new fan mounted to the radiator. This can be placed in the car as one unit and mounted as original.
On my own Volvo, I run this fan in addition to an OEM "pusher fan" in front of the AC condenser, however I believe the front fan to be fairly worthless. The Delco fan is very powerful and will cool most any Volvo during the summer.

My own conversion uses a Hayden adjustable temperature relay, which has a temperature probe that is placed in the fins of the radiator. There are many options for switching the fan on, however I recommend the use of a relay for the main power to the fan.



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