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2010 Features


A 16vT Story
Owner: Cameron Daline
Even though the project was in stasis for a while, the plans in my head for the project never ceased to evolve... full article...


2008 Features


A Quick Brick for a qwkswede
Owner: Ken Lanham
He decided that the ultimate goal for this project would be an entry into the Cannonball One Lap of America... full article...



2007 Features


Not Just Another Brick in the Wall
Owner: Mike Jordan Jr.
His latest began as a plain-jane 1992 245 with hubcaps, auto trans, and stock B230F motor... full article...



Love At First Sight - A Bertone of His Own
Owner: Jay Renyolds
On his first day, a 1978 Volvo 262c was waiting for him in his bay.  “I was instantly hooked…all I had to do was find one,”... full article...



2006 Features


Subtle Approach - Turbo 960
Owner: Peter Linssen
A great benefit of having tried and tested modifications and performance options for a living was that Peter knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and could streamline the process... full article...



The Perfect Victim - Turbo 965
Owner: Chris Wiita
When all is said and done, this beautiful charcoal grey metallic wagon will most likely take the podium as one of North Americas most innovative and captivating 960s ever constructed.... full article...



2005 Features


Double Parked - Widebody C70 Coupe
Owner: Kian Luque Callaghan
It's not every day you run across a Volvo C70 amongst the plethora of compact European sedans in Barcelona , Spain ; however that's exactly the idea... full article...



Minced Masterpiece - A Decade of Combined Styling
Owner: Nick Choy
With time, patience, and many trips to local wrecking yards, Nick Choy manifested an idea into reality. This impressive ‘90 740 Turbo wagon not only has... full article...



Nürburgring Estate - Wagon induced whiplash!
Owner: Florian Laurisch
Florian Laurisch's 1996 Volvo 850R, as the BTCC Competition Volvo once did, is doing its best to change this stereotypical reaction. full article...



Boxy, but Good! - The 144 original brick
Owner: Gary Sellstrom
We can all thank, perhaps in a semi sarcastic way, those pioneers who developed a prototype back in the mid 60's that gave Volvo cars the “boxy but good” reputation everyone associates Volvos with today full article...



2004 Features


David and his Goliath - The 245 R
Owner: Dave Barton
If we sort of jump to the present century for a moment we notice that the 245 Turbo that started off so tame now has had some wild adjustments. full article...



Big, Bad, and Beautiful - The 242 Money Pit
Owner: Douglas Kauer
Whoever said building a Volvo monster was cheap? Well we did, but we also never planed for one of the sexiest looking 242’s in North America either. full article...



2003 Features


Classic 242 GT - Dedication To a Friend Lost
Owner: Matt Dionne
For the summer round of our feature spot we've decided to make one final dedication for a loved friend and fellow turbobrickster who passed away back in May. full article...



Two-Faced 242 - For Show or All Go?
Owner: Rob Prince
Whether its a drift nationals event at Summit Point, WV or a rally cross at Mt. Snow, VT, this car has seen it all. full article...



Bertone's Dream - An Italian with Swedish Meatballs
Owner: Brett Borders
One might say that if Bertone himself could redo one of his own designs, this what we would all want on the boat over from italy. full article...



2002 Features



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