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  • Hi Mike,

    Oh my gosh I'm very sorry about that!! I don't even recall closing the hood. Please let me know if if there's any damage I'll be happy to compensate.

    Again very sorry.
    You've got a beautiful 744!
    hey man, i never got your reply. sorry about that :p
    where exactly are you located? i dont remember :p i mean, i have my last final on tuesday, so ill be pretty free after that until i get a job : ( so just hit me up and ill swing by sometime and talk volvo :D
    I don't know the model number. I work for a calibration company and we only deal with the instrumentation side of things, pressure gauges/transducers/switches and temp thermometers/RTDs/switches. If your ship is anywhere near hampton roads va, chances are we've worked on it.
    I live near colonial chevrolet near the norfolk/va beach border. Doumar's would be cool, or Jenroe's (spelling?) at Haygood shopping center has a cruise-in every Sunday during the summer and there's all kinds of stuff there. Thanks for the shout, I just fixed a coolant leak on my wife's 740 turbo wagon and I'm working on my '70 142 to get back on the road. Both cars need a good spring cleaning! Keep in touch.
    hey man, ANOTHER TBRICKER IN TIDEWATER!!! what part of norfolk are you in? there are a few of us out in these parts, methinks a mini-meet? doumars?
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