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    BTW I have a Motivation For Sale thread. For $20 busx shipped I'll sell ya a 16oz can of motivation
    Get off your kister and get MOTIVATED !!!
    Just remember how much fun boost is and that hand pushing on the small of your back when you're smoking past the sheeple in their minivan-econobox-pickem truck-suv's-rustangs
    drink beer while you work on your car and try to have a buddy over then work at a nice steady pace. normally works for me
    I don't know how this whole announcement thing works..... Must be new..... But hell MOTIVATE!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!

    Yesterday, I assembled coilovers for a friends 245, put the dash back in my 242, and installed my front suspension, then went to work (night shift) and broke a record for the most work done in 1 shift, it can't be harder than that!
    I am sorry to bother you but I believe that you are a moderator. I dont know how else to report this so i made the following thread that will give you the information you need. I recieved an email from this member; Kurtymann, saying that there was virus activity coming from my computer then giving me a link to go to to fix it. I looked up this meber and found he joined today. I work at a computer store and remove viruses all day long. I am almost certain this is a scam targeting felow brickers. Please let me know if I am wrong.
    Hi Ryan, I need your help again if thats ok.

    Are you and James still coming down on the 29th?

    I was wondering if you have any scrap turbo oil and coolant hoses I can cut up. I only have the oil feed and return and the feed I have is all bent up.

    I am thinking about having (proper) flexible lines, got any tips?
    Hey Ryan, could you change the title of this thread to "now with pics" or something like that please.


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