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  • hello i have a 940 3in exhaust,air intake, I just wanted to know if i can run brown top injectors with no problem.engine mods are coming later on
    that 850 you sold with the no spark problem. did the buyer ever tell you the cause of it? or did he fix it?
    Wow, tyler. Where the hell have you been lol? I pulled my motor out and bought some toys and now it is sitting. Typical Tbricker lol. I put my car **** on hold until I get my ish together. Starting new work in the spring and need to finish up my Porsche. Almost there. When I get all set the 16v motor I have will be Megasquirted, and twin charged. For now just working on getting the supercharger on lol. Baby steps Tyler.
    Hey Tom!,

    Long time no see. I've just been working on other junk haven't on here in a while. I am just about finished with my 1800, its rat, but it will be on the road soon hopefully. How about you?
    No, the guy who bought it hasn't picked it up yet. When I find out I will let you know
    Hey i saw your thread on your 850 that did not start. i know you sold the car but i have the excat same thing happening with my car. i live in RI and it ran fine and the when the weather hit it would not start. So i am just wondering if you ever found out what was wrong with it.
    I sent a message to him via myspace yesterday and actually heard something. Insists things went to ****. idk...I'm a pretty forgiving person *personally* so I'm willing to wait it out, but can't speak for the others. Anyway, I paid in late Aug and it's Dec. now and I've still got nothing :\
    He got me what I needed and did it fast. I read a forgiving thread in OT and thought the stuff in his thread was old news. Don't take offense to it. I hope you get your ****. When did you order your ish and whens the last time you heard from him?
    why are you crying over boostin' being gone?

    it seems he ripped me and several others off dude...and he's still online on myspace every day, apparently. do a search for '"matt owen" port richey' on google...you'll get his myspace page.
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