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  • Hey 2manyturbos, I'm lumlo or "way2manyvolvos" for short. Consisting of 30+ amazon's, 2's, 7's, & 9's. I'm virtually your neighbor down here in Cottage Grove. I just joined the group today, thought it was time, as I am helping my youngest son build his '84 245 into a turbo. A little intro: ex Volvo dealership mechanic (cira 1974), holder of the title of first ever non Volvo in the 2017 IPD car show (b230ft powered '75 Jensen Healey). And builder of anything people say can't be done.
    Might be interested in the little blue 244, at this point I doubt my wife will even notice the addition. That and I probably have a few trannys that will work. I also have a complete shop here on the property, where I'm teaching the lad all things Volvo's.
    Some people also call me Tony, hope that we can meet in person sometime soon.

    I was sent over from the Brickboard, I am looking for 2 draco rims that are straight for a 1988 740t. Daily driver condition. I am in pdx. Let me know if you can redirect me or help.
    Thanks Dave
    503 333 279four
    Hey Roy,

    Redwood Chair redirected me to you regarding a rear differential for a 1985 240 wagon. I am looking for a good, low mileage one and am not in a hurry. I live in the Portland area. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
    I'm looking for a Bosh distributor with a hall sensor for my 1987 240 wagon. Someone told me you might have one?
    Please let me know if you do, and how much you need for it?
    Thanks, John
    Good morning Roy,
    Redwood Chair mentioned that you were the man to speak to about car shipment, particularly "standby shipping". He mentioned that phrase in a posting the other day. I'm looking for a way to economically bring my 71 1800e (running) back from Reno, NV to Grand Rapids, MI.

    Are you a car shipper, or do you have some good connections? The best price I've been quoted for open carriage of the car is $1100.

    Thanks in advance for any tips you can give.
    Bruce Wright (bwright002)
    Grand Rapids, MI
    88 780 V6
    71 1800e
    82 245Ti (project car)
    83 244 (just sold)
    Bruce I didn't know you had a turbo intercooled car
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