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  • Hello,
    I joined turbobricks.com because I’d read your posting titled, 740/940 Instrument Cluster Repair (1991+). You described exactly the problems I’m having with my ‘94 940T wagon. I’m afraid to try this repair myself and haven’t found a shop that will do it. Any chance I could bring it to you? If so, where are you located. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks for getting me headed down the correct path to a solution.
    1990 240 has had two months of attention, but now I am so stuck. When I got it the instrument cluster lights were dead, so I had it out to replace them. Then on a trip the speedometer started working intermittently. A bang on the dash or a bump brought it to life. so ... bad guage/cluster right? I picked up another cluster and the speedo worked, but no odometer, so I took it out and lubed the gear and I took it out another time to add the full sized tach. Now that speedometer started failing. so ... sending unit in rear diff right? I changed that. Still only a speedometer sometimes. Finally, in frustration I bought yet another beautiful low kms guage cluster from a 1992. Still, everything workd except the speedometer. I gave up and put the original in. and guess what. It started working, but died again. I am so done with this. I am using a GPS speedo app on my phone, but I could never sell the car like this. Any suggestions?
    Ok my brick has been parked for over a year because I cannot figure out why its not charging anymore. Backstory.... I had my speedometer rebuilt twice and the tac was fixed about two years ago. I replaced the alternator also. I replaced the larger cluster lights with LED's

    When I turn my Volvo on the idiot lights turn on a faint amount. I know when it does this the battery is not charging. I go under the hood with the car running and remove the small red wire to alternator and plug it back in when the car is running, The idiot lights go away and the car charges without any problems. Every so often the gauge lights do not turn on also.

    I believe the issue is the fact I had to remove the gauge cluster a ton of times and there may be an issue. Does anyone have a non turbo cluster they can find me so I can swap out my speedometer and tac.
    Sheer genius! I read your article on Instrument Cluster issues. I have a 1996 960 Volvo with 162350 on it. I was impressed with your guesstimation that the issue was electrical! Same as my guess as well. In my case I had a speedometer issue only twice last week! Perfect timing!
    In each case I hadn't let the car warm up and did not have it covered during 6 rainstorms over 2 days In Florida. In each case I turned the car off gave it 60 seconds and eureka speedometer back on. My old girl doesn't like to get wet!! 960 has dried out and no problems! Thank you again. Miss Dayle.
    Hi Matt,
    Very interested in your thread from a couple years ago, 'transmission failure when hot' I have a 02 V70 XC with the aw55-50sn that has almost exactly the same problem, however sometimes my car will go a couple days, or even a whole week, and drive perfectly! But it starts with (as you describe) a growling or gurgling sound, then it will drive ok for 5-10 min then very quickly slip into neutral and no forward / reverse. I wanted to clear up a question, did you end up using the transmission with the heat problem with a different valve body? Or did you take the valve body from the tranny with the warmup issue, and put it on the original? I thought you said the original had > 300k on it and was completely shot.
    The local shop wants ~ $7000 to replace the transmission, but I really can't justify spending more than $3000. I'm thinking that the main transmission is probably ok, maybe a sensor, solenoid, something like that.
    Thanks very much - Phil
    Matt -

    Thanks for the instructional post with pics about resoldering the instrument cluster. I'll be putting my '93 940 to a static state for a while, as the inspection runs out today - so, will see about finding time to remove the cluster and FINALLY getting my gas gauge and sporadically-reading speedometer to work 100%.
    I'll get back with you (hopefully) to let you know how the instrument cluster is faring.
    Hi, thank you for the tip about re-soldering the cluster panel but how do you remove the metal frame that holds it?
    Thank you in advance
    I just got done doing your 940 instrument cluster repair and everything seemed to go well. Driving home all of my system error lights lit up like a Christmas tree. Any suggestions for a fix?
    Hey, does this work for a reversed gas gauge ? When the needle is at E its full and when at F its empty lol
    Hey Matt...
    I just fixed my 94 940 instrument cluster by following your re-solder technique and it worked like a charm everything lights up and the gas gauge works also. Thanks for the tip....Yankee
    hey man there any chance of you pricing a trans and torque convertor up for me in good condition a aw03-71 for my 740
    Dear Matt

    I have a 1991's 940 with a blown b200 engine. An uncle living in Sweden sent me a replacement engine, but he sent me a B230FB with a LH-Jetronic 2.4 with the wiring according to that engine (even the Icu). Since the car wiring is made for the old K-Jetronic, I want to ask you if the installation of the new engine (B230FB) will be easy or a main in the back. I ask because where I live (La Serena, Chile) almos nobody knows how to service Volvo cars.

    Thanks in advance of any tip or suggestion

    Stuck in Farfax on 29 with a bad MAF sensor... if you get this tonight please give my wife's cell a call... (410) 804-4099
    hey man, hope all is well with ya, just a quick question if you have a second, i picked up a '89 740, the windows and the flashers dont work, just looking for ideas

    do you have power going in to the fuel pump relay? you should go to the forum section and make a thread about your issue so more people can help you fix the problem. i don't always respond as fast as everyone else can on here but i try.
    Hi, I have a '87 760 Turbo. I bought the car 8 years ago and replaced the bad wiring harness. It has worked very well for many years. I wanted my radio replaced and this guy that installs radios tried to put in a radio and messed up my center console and used 4 inch wood screws to attach the radio and shorted out my relay box under the fuse box. Now the car wont start, no gas or spark. I replaced the Ignition Module. I jumpered the fuel pump relay and the pump still does not run and I checked the coil, it's good, but still no spark. I don't know what else to do. I live in Tijuana Mexico and I am on disability and don't have a lot of money to spend. It has 360,000 miles on it and was running great before the idiot worked on it. I also upgraded the brakes and have Bilstien HD shocks and struts, all bushings replaced and IPD sway bars and new rotors all around and rebuilt calipers. I take good care of my car and plan on keeping it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
    Hi there! I was just reading your article on the home page about cluster repair in a 940. Well, I have a 1994 960 (similar cluster i believe except for the fact I have the temp. display) and I was wondering do you have any instructions on how to remove the cluster in my car? The backlight on my outside temp gauge went out and I want to replace the bulb. Everyone on here seems to keep giving me the removal instructions for the gen 2 960's obviously very different way of removal... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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