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  • 230 short block, wiesco pistons.
    What other engine's do you have? If I head down could you show it tonight.
    In a hurry because I have to leave town for a bit and want it running when I return.
    Who built the engine block you are selling?
    What is your schedule for showing it if I decide to travel down?
    Thanks Travis
    Yeah, that's my youngest son too, my older boy just graduated from Vaca high. Definitely feeling old... What's the car in your avatar pic? Looks like some pretty heavy-duty race-car stuff.
    R is long gone! Mostly 03 ford diesel for now. Finishing up wife's 245 in next couple weeks. Sure I will be cruising that. Then finishing up 145 so I can have my own lol
    I recently bought a red 90 745ti, and I've got my 90 245 that's going to my son in a couple of months when he gets his license. How about you? Last I remember you had that AWD R, but that was a long time ago.
    Nope, I pretty much just go from here to work in Davis. Might have to come up sometime and check out your Volvos though!
    Right on Gregg, thanks. I spoke to him a couple times on here already, he's been cool. Looks like you're working on some serious stuff of your own, I'll probably be hitting you up for advice sooner or later. I'd like to get an older 240 and build it for autox/track days maybe.
    Hi that is some neatly done rear suspension work, where can I view more pics of your project ?
    Hey i grew up in Redding. I just moved to portland about 2 years ago. I make it down every once and a while to see my parents. I see you know steve. Looks like you have some pretty serious plans for your wagon. Do you have a build thread?

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