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  • Do you happen to remember any other modifications to a 850 seat that needs to be done to get it to fit in a 745? Or do you just attach the manual frame rails from a 740? I'm debating weather to use my 850 seats in storage, or wait for a late model 90 series to show up, and I cant find any more info then what you say in your post
    I assume you meant 142 not 242.

    What's included in a complete power steering system? IIRC you would need the whole steering column and idler arm to do a power steering conversion to a 140.

    I haven't ever sold a power steering kit for a 140 but I'd say it would have to be worth $250-$500 depending on how complete it was.

    Hey mate,
    I saw on a wanted ad that you may have some lh2.4 turbo computers for sale?
    Is this true and would you be willing to sell them to me? I'm after a 954
    Thanks for the note. That might be a bit stiff. I'm looking for 25 front/ 22 rear. I have an '86 245. How did the 25/25 setup work for you?
    The hydraulic clutch used on turbo cars would be preferred. If you have any suggestions, I am open to ideas.This is a T-5 Swap so I am not using the stock clutch set up. I am going with the modified bell housing and spacer plate, so the hydraulic set up would be better.
    Hey sw you have a 5.0 Ford in your 744, I have the 1 Lap America 5.0HO. Like to see how yours was done sometime? timetrialman59, live in Diamond Bar beside fast242+, PJ, thanks tj

    I do have several powerstages. Cant help You with ECC Hester control though.
    Which powerstage do You need?
    With what number does it end? 124? Or 139?
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