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  • Hey, its the guy who bought the 745 off you. New profile due to new car! Take a look man. I joined the 240 club!
    So I chaned the front tires on the 740 (rims too) and it hardly shakes at all now. Did you know about the very large pothole bend in the drivers side rim? It was huge!
    QUOTE:Let me know if you ever need a white drivers side front quarter panel for your 740. ( i noticed you got in a bit of a knock) w/e anyway I have one sitting in my shed.

    Whats this?
    Holy damn the front end shakes like a mofo huh! Itll be fixed in like 3 days anyways! Nice doing bizz with you dude.
    Hey 89Turbo, trying to find a rattle in my 240 wagon. been on this for a month off and on. sounds like right underneath rear seat, both sides. checked shocks,ok. seems worse at very low speeds, don't even have to go over a bump. Any ideas, oh I did check rear seat latches,it's not those. Front part of wheel well inside car u can really hear it.

    So what say you - want me to leave him a note? He's still got it. I have a few photos of the car if you want, too.
    Well, I don't actually *know* the guy - he's not been there long; we've only spoken once, and then about the car - but I'd gladly leave him a note with your number or some such. I'd like to see it kept locally, as it's nearly a twin to my Violet (but in slightly better shape).
    Hey, no kidding - I work up in Greenfield. I know what you mean about rot - it doesn't usually affect the 7s, but 240s rust nearly as well as Germans and domestics do (not as badly as older Japanese cars, though). My parts car's also an '89 and has a shoebox-sized hole in the left buttcheek and paper-thin rockers; my driver's got a few surface rust spots... I mainly bought the wagon so that I wouldn't have to subject the 244 to another unprotected winter (I *need* to wash the underside of the 2 and POR-15 anything sketchy, either now or in April).

    I take it you keep an eye on Craigslist? There was a decent-looking '89 244GL (that'd been sitting a bit, but was claimed to have very little rust) in Keene for $450 obo last week; it needed a few parts, but my parts car is almost complete. A neighbour of mine is selling his '89 244, too - nearly identical to mine; he wants to trade it in. If I see him I could try to talk him into selling it.
    No, I haven't cut my springs yet :) I did replace all my bushings and balljoints on the front just last week. Rides soo much smoother (and more quiet) now. I just haven't had the guts to cut my springs yet. The roads are so ****teh here that I'm afraid I might start running trouble if I do.
    The 850 is doing well....this week! Hah ha.
    I just bought Sophie some nicee Tethys wheels = ]
    Sorry it took me so long to get back. I never see my new notifications. Used SAM springs and Bilstein HD. If you have any other questions, shoot me a PM.
    Thanks. It has a flathood now that is a shade darker and it's a little lower now, but otherwise still the same.
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