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  • Hi BeePee,
    I met you last year at SE. I hope you can make it down again this year. If you still have that ostrich set-up, I would be interested in buying it from you. Bring it if you decide to come down.
    -Rick P.S ....Let me know :)
    I need ignition and fuel chips. I have a 88 240 wagon swapped to b230ft and ezk from 88 740 sedan. I'm swapping T cam for a V cam, I have a td06-17c turbo 3" exhaust all the way, GM "white" 38lbs. injectors, huge intercoller, Fuel pump and regulator will be done soon, m47 tranny. Thank you for your advise I look forward to hearing from you Bob
    Yes, absolutely I want to give it a shot.
    "@TR Conn - you can definitely get better mileage with LH on an N/A car. Really, disabling lambda and enabling the CO pot would make a moderately flexible setup. Buying an ostrich would let you really tune out the extra fuel, but it would take a LOT of gas savings to pay for itself. I'll send you a chip for N/A with lambda disabled/CO pot enabled if you want to try. PM me if you are interested."

    What I would like to get is a dual burn chip, one with the changes you recommend and the other just the stock program from the 951 ECU.
    I am going to change over to the Gold EZK if that makes any difference.
    Sent me your paypal info.
    Your post states that the dual burn chips are $25.
    I'll send $40 but you must spend the extra on the beverage of your choice and share it with another Volvo enthusiast.
    Hello beepee i am verifying my paypal account because i have not use it for some time now. When everything is ok i will let you know and also send you my address ok.
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