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  • "BlueSwede
    I believe instrument cluster grounds near shifter..on driver side.
    Odd, mine just went bad this weekend..weird..
    my prob was connector on brightness knob..check rear pas. tail light ground too. they share a fuse."

    mine is 1990 240 DL Wagon
    I noticed a few nights ago that my psngr side tail light was out. bulb is good. fuses are good, but I also have no back lights on the instrument cluster.

    Although *both* of my cluster turn arrows illuminate dimly

    Dimmer switch effects my tach needle, and when I use the turn signal, my tach jumps in rhythm with the turn signal.

    and this morning I noticed my headlights are out as well as *both* tail lights they were working a few nights ago, but not now :-/ )

    Brake lights, reverse light, turn signals and hazard lights all work fine.

    The issue *you* had seems strikingly similar to mine.

    I have some mechanical skills, but not much for electrical skills. Plus i have a *ZERO* budget.

    Any ideas?
    PM me your email address and we can work that way. Much easier than PM or T-Bricks visitor messages.
    Since your PM box was full I thought I'd post here.

    I'm going to sell the 240 roof rack and I told you I'd let you know if I was going to sell the fairing. You can email me at my username at gmail dot com.
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