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  • Its going lol just replacing tie rods ball joints and bushings in the front right now and saving for the last parts for the T5 swap.
    Awesome well ill let you know when im ready to go trade a core in for that squirter block.
    I have a 16v Head already but i am looking for a squirter block. how much do they charge for blocks? Im trying to collect all the parts so i can do a 16v in my 242
    Ive already pulled the one down here for my buddies 760 so im good on the turbo. Ill keep looking for them CFI's.....
    If you need a 15g I know where 2 of them are, I already scored mine. I know one of those 15gs is on a 97 850, the other I didnt look that hard at but did see that the car had like 200k on it. And there $50 a piece where I go which is pretty cheap I think. If you do see injectors though I would definitely appreciate you grabbing them and would pay you back and a finders fee :).
    I havent had any luck with injectors down here. None at UPAP or A-1 and i grabbed the only 15g that was in both of those yards. there might be some out east my way if i find some ill grab them for you. i might be going this weekend.
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