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  • wanna sell your wheels? ha

    edit: ah god this is totally quin, andy always leaves himself logged in.
    So BJ's Wholesale club fired me..which means I have all of the time in the world to paint Nials trim if you were serious.
    ..but first I need to stop coolant from leaking out from under my car then we will be good to go.
    Stupic O rings.
    Thanks for your advice on Saabs- I'd certainly be interested in more info on your friends 9000 Aero, but it may be more than I want to spend. My son is only getting the 745 IF I can find a DD on the cheap. The 900S has a $900 asking price.
    If i don't get money in my paypal in the next day or so I will let you know. I would've mentioned something to you about the cam when you bought the car, but to be honest with you I realized I still had it a couple days ago lol
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