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  • HEy guys, Ive been seen some of the stuff is been done in here and Ive been doing some massive stuff in the brick wagon. Updated and upgraded the coils, sparks plugs( thanks to K IN THE LOCAL PICK AND PULL FOR THE IRIDIUM FREEBIES) and I made a custom cover plate for the spark plug wires and plugs. Also Im swapping the factory brakes for a Subby WRX/ Infinity/Altima/Suzuki combo , so if anyone is interested in 3 calipers, two good rotors and a new set of pads for cheap, let me know !!!
    Im still fighting with an oil leak cause I had to weld the pan in a rush to get the car out of the old shop. I got the engine started bout a month ago with the new plugs and it really purred!!!
    But now I want to see how the chevy coils work.
    Ill try to post some images ( Is been a while so hopefully I can Make it )
    Ok see ya !!!
    Dz :oogle::rofl::roll:
    hi is been a while since i posted something in here. I already got the engine running with the brz exhaust almost finished and now i just need to tune it up due to an air leak or misfire. Here is the video,
    enjoy and I also began putting the Subby seat on the right side and is comming along good
    SEE YA
    Hello again after a 3 month hiatus.I ve been busy with work and a trip to NYC.DURING this past week I searched for parts at the local p n p and got solo lucky in a dashboard 99% perfect ,better than the old spidered webbed I had with plans of redoing the top with leather.The new acquired one has a 1 inch split which I can fix easily. Also I scored some Saab/wrx seat covers for the brick.I had pulled the ones I had in the cressida but the upholstery was gray. Also I got some fog lights phone app activated and they are awesome and all for free on fathers day woohoo!!!
    In trying to get back 2 the brick within 2 weeks from now .
    Ok see ya
    Hi guys , finally I got the driveshaft done today. Gotta grease the old joints and Im cleaning the bearing support with vapo -rust to give it a nice clean look. Also yesterday I went to search for a oil gauge from a Porsche but i went too late. So I searched around and I got one from a mitsu 3000 gt with the oil sensing unit to match for 10 bucks. Although the gauge comes in a set of 3, I only pulled the one I needed. I am using the VDO casing and the round cover from a gas needle from a Caravan. Im just doing the finishing touches to make it work. Hopefully the shaft will be ready by Wednesday. Here are some pictures to show the work.
    See ya
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