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  • I'm goin' to SLO, I might ride with Noah but I also might be coming back from Riverside for the meet. I'm drivin' a 91' F-250 extended cab long bed turbodiesel with a stick nowadays. I have work that had me doing mad driving now so it's a great highway cruiser [24 ish MPG] and it's like a mobile shop/office. Hows the 242?
    Hey bricktop... what's going on man?? Yeah I'm looking forward to the west meet... It's gonna be a good time that's for sure! I heard there's going to be welder down there... that would be rad to do it there, or we could go the easy route and find a shop...
    is that your 242 on the side of the road by the little sur bridge. if so i want it before it gets towed! haha i work for blaze engineering in big sur and ive seen it the past 2 mornings and really like it
    I was thinking bulletproof glass too, or just ditching the red and painting it black or something so I will lose any affiliation.

    BTW party on Saturday here.
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