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  • You should still visit to the incentive up.

    You're one of the more funner people here.
    haha yeah these things looove to take our money. but thats good, slowly but surely :). you plan on lowering it at all?
    hey there :) the vo's been good, treatin me well, and always kickin haha. hows your red brick been doin? anything new added to it?
    i wouldnt be surprised if they were. i went through a set on the white car, and now the burgundy one is doing the same. i have a lot of hills where i live, and i always make sure that i torque my wheels on correctly... but sometimes it just happens.
    Yep it's a front lip. It hits a few things hard and still keeps looking back at me. Tough Volvo stuff under front and back bumpers...

    Cool photo in the parking lot! I would have been so lucky to have been there and watched. I'll be doin donuts when my pirellis are half worn out. Those big bulbs look so sweet. I bet they light up everything. Congrats on all your successes and please do celebrate again.
    How's your sound system?
    Thanks Brittany. So glad you got some good paint. Some weak hater must have keyed it. I bet it was a jealous female Looser!
    Anyway, I love Carlson Volvo. I would love to buy one of their S60 r-sport speed demons but $$ are needed elsewhere for sure. Is your machine turboed? Did you do donuts in that parking lot? So much fun!
    Mine is awesome to me. I've been getting more and more compliments on it lately. It drives like a dream and looks like new inside and outside.
    Thanks for asking.

    Hello Brittymachine, things are good in the Bayarea. Have you done anything fun to your car lately? Need anything for it? I detailed mine yesterday and now I only want a better sound system, and , and a...it never stops.

    Have a good day

    Anthony aka Volvo gt
    legit! Sounds like a pretty solid hunk of Swedish steel to me. Looks like you're headed in the right direction, and it helps that most of the Volvo dudes seem to be pretty rad and quick to help when in need. Great to see you on the board, kind of a small world, especially with such a one-off group like this. About the money thing: I've gone broke several times for my car! Kinda strange... Keep in touch! 916 752 1151. oh, and ill be hangin out in nevada county til the end of summer, so if you visit, let me know.
    i know right! kinda stoked, not gonna lie. 25mm IPD sways front and rear, upper and lower chassis braces, 16t turbo from a C70 T-5 @ 14psi, fred's chips, 2 coils cut all around. not super special, but its been a labor of love, for sure. yours?
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