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  • I'll pay $50 for the 780 passenger headlight shipped to 12603 if you could supply a pic of condition..
    Hi! I?m trying to send you a PM about the camel floor trays but your inbox is ?full? and needs to be cleared. My email address is elisabeth1104@gmail.com
    Thanks very much for that info. So it sounds like the engine only has been driven 17k since the reman.
    Then the engine went from you to Fidel, he let it sit in his garage until the current owner bought it.
    So that would mean that engine hasn't run since about 1991. I'm happy to hear you were able to turn the motor over by hand.

    Much appreciated. I'll let you know what happens.
    Hey there.

    So I don't know much. The motor is a Volvo reman installed in the late 80s or early 90s. I was told when I bought the car it had 17k on it. The motor turned over by hand when I got it home.

    I'm not sure why the car was originally parked, but it sat for at least 15 years before I got my hands on it. All I wanted was the flathood at the time. The car was uber rusty.

    That's about it for what I know.

    Hey Bruce,

    Think you could send me a pic of it so I can make sure it's what I'm looking for? Email is pieperkevinm@gmail.com. Thanks!
    Never knew about the adjustable voltage regulators. Good info. Thanks.
    I haven't even bothered to check out the headlight harnesses, mostly out of fear of what I might find.
    It's too cold to screw with them right now, but the next warm day (or at least the next day closer to freezing) I'll try to check them out.
    I know you've built special 780 headlights. Did you make new harnesses as well?
    I do want to see it, I wanted you to PM me so we can discuss.

    Clean all your grounds. Especially the ground terminals which are up against your inner fenders inside the engine compartment next to the headlamps. The screw that holds in there gets oxidized very easily and should be cleaned. I clean the terminals and use some copper based anti-seize compound to coat things to prevent further corrosion.

    You should also add an additional ground to the back of your alternator in addition to or replace the smallish one that's there (blue cable on the back of it) I used an 8 AWG "X-FLEX" wire instead of what was there. You can do a quick resistance check by holding the wire that's there now and feeling how hot it is. Higher heat can equal higher resistance. High resistance can indicate inefficient conduction.

    Go through all the ground wires. You'll be happy you did. When I did mine, it resolved my main charging issue and my headlamps more consistently and are brighter.
    Hello Bruce..

    Sorry about the delay.... I rarely look in this box for messages
    Making your B-280 more fun......

    The EP/DM heads are better in that they did not get the 'Swirl Port' arrangement we got here in the USA in the 'F' heads. To use them you must use the 93mm pistons and liners of the EP/DM engine which will slide right into the B-280 block. Deck the block for liner protrusion of .010" - .012" This is more then Volvo specs but does good things for sealing.
    93X73 makes for 2975cc which is a good thing for torque. Want more? I have a stroker kit for 3.2 or 3.4 liters..... Both with forged pistons and aftermarket rods. Yum!

    While it is apart..... Port them heads! Esp in the exhaust. You'll see where there is lots of room for improvement.

    Cutting up the EP/DM exhaust manifolds and using them on your Volvo will do nice things or build headers. The Volvo exhaust manifolds are truly horrible.

    Do this..... Drive it.... See how you like it.
    Hey, there.
    I didn't see your reply message until today, as I forgot to check visitor messages. Sorry about that.
    Give me some more details about the 244DL your friend is selling, and pictures if you have any.
    My personal e-mail is bwright002@yahoo.ca.
    As for the working visa stuff, that's more complicated than I can discuss in this e-mail. Send me an e-mail with your phone number and we can discuss it more easily.
    Thanks again for getting back to me.
    hey Bruce - no problem, I can check it out if you find something. try toronto.kijiji.ca.

    a friend of mine is selling her 244DL auto for $600 - it's in good condition. I tossed in new pads and rotors in the summer, and she's had the transmission rebuilt. the paint is faded, but the interior is good. it was given to her by her grandmother; so it hasn't been abused.

    I know, I've been thinking about going down to the states for an engineering job. how difficult is it to get a working visa down there?

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