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  • Hello I came across your post from 2009 on your 122 wilwood disc brakes

    Do you sell the front caliper bracket?
    Sorry - I'm not selling these - they were being marketed by another member but I'm not sure if he's in that game anymore.
    I saw a thread dated 2009 about how you made new door panels for your 242. I’m wondering how you did the top lip thing that goes up against the window.
    Hello! I recently saw a post you had made about fitting E36 sport seats into your old 242. I'm in the process of that myself, and have a question. How did you go about cutting out the part of the floor to weld the 1x2 tubing in? I know you stated that you used an angle grinder, but I was hoping to get more of the details on how exactly you did everything. I would love to mount these seats and your solution is perfect, thanks in advance!
    Hey man. Glad to see a former albertan.
    Love your work so far! I know you're busy with work and your own project. But would you consider taking on other work?
    I'm located north of Edmonton. Have some fenders needing repair. Let me know. Would love to save from buying from usa
    Hello, Canuck in Lethbridge, Alberta.

    George Dill here in central Texas on this fine May Day.

    Rick Bates in Lethbridge is looking to sell his 1981 244 and is seeking some advice concerning price and needed repair.

    If you can assist shoot him an email. 58panelvan at gmail dot com


    George Dill

    Boris does have a group buy going but have to wait till the end of the month and then another 6 weeks.....I pretty sure I've got it handled, don't want to miss any track time and I cracked one of my factory rotors. Thanks for the help.
    Sorry, I don't have the CAD file. It's a very straight forward bracket and really just takes a minute to do the measurements. So Boris isn't taking orders? It's easier to order the bracket from him.
    Thanks for the reply over a year back. I finally ordered the wilwood set up as the solid factory rotors are nearly impossible to get in the states and do not hold up well on track days. Do you still know of someone making the mount adapters? Nordic is going to months waiting to fill an order. I have a friend that said he could get them done for me but to save the hassle of measuring everything up I thought I'd ask. Maybe you or your machinist have measurements in CAD file somewhere?
    In answer to your question...here's the parts list.

    Wilwood Parts List for 122 Front Brake Conversion:
    Wilwood HD Fixed Mount Brake Rotor Hats – 170-0208.
    Wilwood Rotor Bolt Kit Number - 230-0233D
    Wilwood Ultralight Straight Vane Rotors (11.75” OD, 0.81” Thick) – 160-0471
    Wilwood Forged Billet Superlight Caliper (1.375” Piston) – 120-7432 (L/R)
    Wilwood Polymatrix Q – 15Q-6829K
    I was wondering if you could help with my front brakes as far as taking the guessing game out. What Wilwood parts did you use and or what was fabricated to accomplish your set up. I would like to retain the factory bolt pattern as I have a ford 8.8 in my 122.
    Hi, I'm new to this online forum stuff and fairly new to Volvos but am driving my 5th 240, I live near Calgary and work takes me to Carmangay daily, nice to know there are locals doing such fine work. I was in Edmonton Pick-n-Pull yesterday and saw 2 16V motors, just thought you might like to know. Sterling.
    I am looking for 160 to 180 HP at the crank with a relatively flat torque curve. The engine has been bored to 2130CC (IPD big bore kit), and I have yet to choose a cam. I am planning on 10.5:1 compression ratio as I want to use pump gas, and I am running a SDS programmable FI. So I suppose the head should be as radical as practical for the street, I plan on limiting it to 7000RPM.
    Is this the type of head you can do? I did have a 2.3 l engine on order from Vintage Performance for the past 18 months, but I have just given up on them as I have no idea when I would get the engine, but am looking for somewhat similar performance (- of course the extra 200cc effect).
    My email is bob@witzel.com Thanks for the response.
    I am looking to have a B20F head ported/built for street use and you were recommended by Knox Motorsport. Do you do custom head work, and if so, what is your current lead time. I live in Vancouver BC.
    Thanks for the response.
    Fair enough...but as I haven't been on that forum for almost 2 years, I didn't see the point.
    Gorgeous wheel!
    I don't want to steal your thunder, but you might point the t'brickers to your steering wheel build on brickboard.
    Ya, I submitted that one and a couple others - they picked the one that is more Oregon relevant, but not the best compositionally. I'd still like to win something.
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