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Captain Bondo
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  • Do you know if the b6294t head will swap to the b6284t block? And are the intake manifolds the same or do they need to be swapped also? Any insight would be helpful thanks
    part 2:

    Newayz my question is while its low compression, I want to run a maximum of about 17psi or about 380-400hp, its traction limited FWD but I never logged back pressure with the .70, however I honestly think since it is a large wheel in a relatively "smallish" housing back pressure will not be an issue till maybe about over 4xxhp; just guesstimating...the engine does not RPm at all...about 6000RPM its done...I have been told by several sources the p-trim will behave like a little wheel when put in a small housing?!!?...I don't buy that...but there might be some validity to this who knows...regardless I am looking for a .9X-1.00A/R divided housing t3 footprint with no luck (cheap I must say) and was also wondering if you have any source for this (garrett v-band 3" out)
    part 1:
    Hi Captain Bondo,
    I need some insight and help if you can...
    I have been reading heavily on your ideas on turbocharging...in particular pulse turbocharging and I must say they are very intriguing. I come from GM world, I am building a low compression 231ci (3800series 3@ 8.5:1) motor. Couple of years ago, I put together a high compression motor similar displacement (FWD) and used a T04s (58mm .70 a/r compressor, and a p-trim in a t3 divided housing @ .70. This things spooled very fast and had good street manners (only ran 10psi ic'd)...I am deciding to up the housing some!??! Funny when I was attempting to mate the compressor wheel to the turbine I got flack for this...but I felt this major wheel diameters was within similar sizes and I came to the conclusion that a very wide (large turbine inducer wheel will be need and figured the p-trim was the best choice this was about 2003. None of the fancy stuff ppl have now...
    This is gonna be redundant for you, I apologize in advance. I have a '95 965 that is Beggin' me for a Turbo Build. I'm a Jour. CNC Machinist so Custom Fab'd parts wont be an issue with SolidWorks and MasterCAM X7.
    Mainly looking to find your Advise on components or a link to your build? I was gonna run Motronic 4.4 w/ TunerProRT, have you had any experience with it?
    Now should I just Design & Mach. Conn Rods outta 7071 or purchase Carrillo? Then fab up Adj. Cam Gears and Under-drive Pulleys?

    I have numerious other items to pick your brain on. but I didnt want to make a Bad Impression by firing off a message in "Novel" Form.

    Thanks For Your Advise!
    Ryan Rogers
    Hi, I seen you had a pic of a whiteblock 6 cyl tig welded exhaust manifold...I was wondering if u knew what size exhaust ports are on the whiteblocks...plan on making my own turbo exhaust manifold for a B5244T (2000 xc) and have a brand new $330 k24 2004+R kkk turbo..found a hellofa deal on 45 degree 304 1" stainless bends.. Thanks
    Hi Kenny

    Having trouble finding a VEMS dealer that will respond to phone or email ;-( I pm'd Karl Butchka, 'cos I found a VEMS wiki in his name, but the guy he recommended has not replied.

    Trying to find some documentation on the system so I can evaluate if and how I would go about an install. Tried the VEMS website, but the Documentation links don't actually go anywhere...

    The reason for the new turbo is actually 'cos I melted a (Mahle, stock) piston, and decided that if I have to tear it all apart for a rebuild, I might as well go for a turbo with a more balanced hotside.

    hey i got referred to you by a fellow poster. i am looking for a header for my 1983 volvo 245 with a stock turbo and intercooler. if you could get back to me that would be great thanks!!!
    Hi Kenny

    My name is Joe and i have read about your escapades with the 245 with great interest and awe.

    I own a 1996 855R that i am tinkering with. I have a t3/t4 hybrid turbo on it and i am currently having issues with crankcase pressure. Can you please give me some pointers on catch can design, possibly with a diagram if you could?

    My current setup has a secondary catch can inbetween the OEM can and the intake pipe stuffed with pot scourers.

    However, i still have a huffing dipstick and a small puff of smoke between gear changes.

    Can the smoking be attributed to the crank case pressure?
    I have also read your advise to Lookforjoe on the VS forum, but i get the impression that his setup is overly complicated. I wanted to be able to drain the oil in the blow-by back into the block, and vent to atmosphere.
    Any and all help will be appreciated.

    I have a 83 242 turbo that needs a full 3" exhaust done. I heard that you are the guy to talk to about fabricating exhuast.
    Dear Capt Bondo,
    New member here, first time posting. Currently building a '83 240 wagon in northern Cali. Saw your post regarding drilling hubs to 4.5 and am currently doing the same thing. In the rear, narrowing 8.8 so offset on rims is not a problem. Can't find front rims with 4.5 and 15-20 mm offset, 16" or 17". Wondering if you can help locate front rims with proper offset. Also need brackets to hold calipers...what did you use? Looking to run the same rotor and calipers you are. Any info will be appreciated!
    cut off- through center of a licence plate. Get vanity plate that reads " on - off ". Done.

    I am buying a 242t , can you give me a heads up on what to look for... I am very familiar w/ 240 sedans but all have been non- turbo, So- I just want to make sure I' not get'n the wool pulled over my eyes...
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