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CJs 142E
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  • Hi! Why yes it is! Bought it from Asher over at RSI a few weeks ago. He did some really nice work updating it. Nice to see you got back into Volvos. I will not deny your 142 was one of my favorites.
    Hey! Thanks for joining Nick.. I'm hoping to get it done in time for Davis this year. It actually might happen.
    Once I sell this 83 244 Turbo It going to a body shop.. Do you know of a good one for older cars?
    Hey Chris... just joined your 142 Turbo group... hope to start on my project sometime this year... I see you're WAY ahead of me! Keep up the great work!
    Sadly it's actually primer. The Oregon rain helps it look like a real paint job sometimes haha. An actual paint job is just a dream right now while I get everything else worked out on the car.
    Chris... I'm reviving this conversation. I got busy and forgot about it... but I might be able to dig up that D-jet stuff for you if you're still interested. What else did you want? I never compensated you for that center console, so I feel compelled to offer you up some of my shiz!
    Dude I'm running lh2.4 on my b230ft in a 145 conversion. Had enough power to bust the U-joint :) I Don't think ill be there (IPD) sat as i am currently working on welding in my 3 axle rings and a scatter shield into the 145.

    If you get the hall sensor on the axle and the spedo unit from the 740 you will be fine.
    I ended up with a bunch of D-Jet stuff from Marc the other day... Not sure if I need the bumper... I have several pairs! But I'll look at it anyway. And I can't find the damn manifold!!! I'll try looking for it again tonight, but I may have to take it off my list :(
    I'm refurbbing the console... Had the padded portion redone at a local upholstery shop... came out good. My 142 is VERY far from being finished, or even started for that matter. I'm deep into my 122 now. It'll probably go about 2-3 years before completely done. Hoping to get it in for bodywork and paint in August or September this year. Right now Rob at Voltech is freshening up the head, and checking the bottom end, while I work on the body... fixing all the rust... geez there's a lot!

    Are you talking about the speedo bezel? Is this the OEM gauge cluster? You'll have to refresh my memory on this.

    May not see you at RSI... we have some stuff going on. But I will definitely see you at IPD on May 15 (if you go).

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