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  • Dai, I’m getting a little frustrated not having my calls or emails returned in regards to my order #64556d6d0cd97. Please call or email and let me know when the order will ship.
    Lee Lohrmann
    Hey Dai

    This is Sy Graber from the US, I can't seem to get through to you about an order, so figured I'd leave a message here. I ordered a set of springs a month ago and was wondering if I could get any updates or an ETA? I understand it's international shipping but I've been in the dark since I've ordered them. Thanks EDIT: got tracking, thanks
    Hi dai

    Remco Hoekstra from the Netherlands here,
    ive tried multiple times to contact you about my springs, you told me last week they "left" ?
    i have not yet received them alltough the other orders i made came within a few days.
    im kind of worried something is going on as i contacted dhl to ask if there was a package coming my way but it seems there is not.

    please send me an email telling me what is going on and when i can expect my springs.


    Hi, it's Dan Samodai, I've been trying to get in touch with you about the poly sway bar bushings I ordered for my 240 in November but can't seem to get through. Thought I would try here as a last effort. I haven't gotten them and I was hoping for a tracking number or customs number or something from you so I can try to figure out where they may be. Please either email me, or message me here. Thanks.
    Hey Dai,

    Stupid question here.. I?m finally installing the F/R springs (from order #1540) and am curious of the physical orientation of the springs. Does the side with narrow coil spacing position up or down?


    Andrew Evans
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