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  • Hey there in regaurds to your parts.

    Looking for 4 early style wagon 240-140 taillights. 4 centercaps for Virgo turbo wheels, a tailgate latch mechanism and an early 240/late 140 gauge cluster housing.
    Man, I'm sorry this went this way. I wasn't trying to discourage your rehabbing a PV, just discouraging the choice of donor - it's hard enough without having to restore a car that's rusted so severely... What happened to the 544 you started with? That looked like a more solid starting point.
    Hey dude, just so you know, Gary's PM'ing me threatening a ban, saying it's okay to not like each other, just don't do it in public.

    I responded - I like you a lot and am glad you're active again. Truth. Sorry the back-and-forth got under your skin - I'm not even mad.
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