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  • Doing great, full interior swap, manual swapped,rearend swapped, A Cam adjust cam gear, G80 installed, Bosch t3 injectors. Complete poly suspension bilstein, got the AC working with propane. It's a clean 240 man. My daily driver put over 100k on it. Been a great car, been a 4 year project, had to completely replace the wiring harness, and steering columns ignition lock. Got a key cut from Volvo. And a used tuned set of computers. Goes good and gets 28mpg in town and 30-32 on highway
    I had been wanting to get $100 for the hatch. If that's what you're planning to buy I can drop it to $75 plus shipping. Sh1t is heavy. If you're serious I can get a quote. If you only want the glass I'm not planning to separate it. What color/year is your 245?
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