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  • Hey Bud, Just thinking of my next project. I came across a 1997 960 wagon with a broken timing belt. And have done the 240 - Small Block Chevy - T5 thing before...... Am now learning I may want to just improve the 6 cylinder in the car and have Fun.
    Hej, har du byggt MS2 till en B6304S2 motor?? Du kan svara mig genom PM eller till min mail; tommienybakk_@hotmail.com BTW... din inkorg ?r full :p
    Aha, er ganske sikker p? at den ble henta fra sverige og registrert p? rognan. Det er noen ?r siden da :)

    YK reg?
    Hey, clear out your PMs!

    I was just wondering if you ended up going through with the DIYefi Motronic to Megasquirt ecu, and how it ended up working out? Thanks
    do have have any info on the car or the wheels on the car in your avatar photo, like size and offset and such. thanks. car looks to be pretty nice
    hey what kind of rims r u running on ur 240? i like those! i have a 1988 volvo 240 dl and the bolt pattern is 5 bold X 108mm. It is soo hard to find wheels with tht diameter.
    Hey i bought a double din pioneer also for my 960 1997. I can't find the adapter to fit it in the slot of the radio...can you tell me where you got it? Thank you
    Hej din d?re :p

    Testar bara den nya funktionen. Och jag addar dig som v?n ocks?.
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