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  • Hey Dave, I know your busy guy but I’m need some guidance in a disperate way. I’m going to add a T to my 90 240. I have everything to do the swap. Keeping original b230 in and adding T to it. I purchased turbo T3 from member here. But it’s got a lot of slop in shaft. So much it hit when turning it. I have 90plus manifold and an early one. What turbos will fit my manifold? I’ll orbably buy new one off eBay. Don’t mind reclocking one. Any help will be remembered and appreciated
    Been too busy making stuff for other people to work on my own cars. I'll probably choose a blackface design for the 242 eventually.
    would've liked to meet you at davis and was instructed to look for a monterey historics hat but never found you. that 242 looks positively amazing, but i sort of expected it to have your gauges :lol:
    Mr. Barton, you sir are a volvo god, i would like to let you know that even though i dont know you personally you got me into likeing volvos and now i have two 245's which i am restoring. I am probably the only peep in San Diego modding a 245 Turbo. i use your stroker T5 245 as a standard for my build and have your webpage as one of my home tabs on my laptop.
    hey dbarton I want to do 16 v 245 build can you please give me advice on which block was built the strongest I have access to two volvo junkyards lots of heads cars ect any advice would be helpful thanks Steve
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