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  • hey there man.. Just figured out how to use this site. In broomfield, need some brick buddys for advice, part swap, maybe getting some people together for a meet.. get back to me , Thanks J
    cool man, what do you have left to get for the swap? Have you ran it yet to see what it will put down in the 1/4?
    Hey, nice car man! haha, so hows the build coming, I kinda hate myself right now for selling it but glad it landed in a tbrickers hands, let me know if you need parts from this yard up here too, I can go looking for ya.
    OK, let me know for sure so I can make sure its still there, they turn cars really fast there. Every monday I go and there is always a ton of new stuff. And usually a new volvo or 2.
    Its called Colorado autoparts, off santa fe drive. I live like right next to it which is really convienent. I go almost every monday if its nice out just to see whats new. There parts are cheap, I think the guy said he would do trannys for $120 as well.
    I think $95 for the whole motor, but thats with a core charge, I dont know what it is if you dont have a core.
    Ok, well let me know if theres anything else you need. Theres a full 93 760Ti sedan too, minus the radiator I grabbed. I saw it today and still has both manifolds and turbo, very complete. And a 16valve head with all the pulleys, looks to have thrown the T-belt so dont know if its still good or not, I was going to grab it but dont have the space to tackle that conversion right now.
    If you need a 15g I know where 2 of them are, I already scored mine. I know one of those 15gs is on a 97 850, the other I didnt look that hard at but did see that the car had like 200k on it. And there $50 a piece where I go which is pretty cheap I think. If you do see injectors though I would definitely appreciate you grabbing them and would pay you back and a finders fee .
    Oh ok, ya I am down there alot on the weekends. I have friends in the 10th special forces group there and I like to off road down there behind the broadmoor. Hey are there any good junkyards down there?? I have been trying to track down some injectors for awhile now. I found some CFIs up here in littleton today but they were all in rough shape and most of them were generic or aftermarket and I wasn't willing to trust them. Atleast my day wasnt a total waste, I got a Hallman MBC today, woohoo!!
    Hey ColoradBrick, do you work at motorcity?? I could swear I saw a 740 identical to the one on your profile cruzing 8th the other day.
    colorado springs, how far is that from denver- im trying to fing volvo peeps to do some wrenchin with.
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