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  • So you definitely have my attention! lol.

    What year, mileage, price, location, etc?

    And thank you for letting me know, I definitely appreciate it!

    Have a great night, PM me and we will talk soon...

    Negative...my 245 is languishing behind the girlfriends SAAB 900 Convertible.....the things we do for love! I'll advise you, but God knows it will be a huge improvement (hope so anyway). I'll be doing the front end first....GT springs, Bils HD struts, new strut mount and reinforcement plates, Volvo factory bushings (the firm ones - RH) and a recycled 23mm Turbo front sway bar with SuperPro poly bushings. Hopefully it will put a grin on my face.

    I purchased my HD wagon springs from FCP. I know that IPD has some different offerings, but don't know the specifics about wire diameter, or spring rate. I know the cost was significantly more than the FCP ($90 for a pair I believe). As I posted, those springs are made in Sweden, so perhaps Lesjofors but I don't know that for a fact. The spring rate I posted for those wagon springs, calculated vs. Anthony Hyde's posting. I neglected to deduct the paint thickness, so my calculated rate should be a bit lower (I need to edit that post).

    I too have an'89 245 that Iam gettign sorted out. I am enjoying [and learning from] your posts.

    I was wondering about the HD overload springs offered by iPd and FCP. Have you been able to determine the differences?

    If you've already posted that, sorry I missed it.

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