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  • Hellou

    I was hoping to get your opinion on garrett gtx line turbo on 16v valve b230

    I have been looking that there is 2 gen gtx2867r with 0.64 housing on sale at my area. It starts to be in my price range just about now. And someone is about to buy my holset hx35 setup, with 58mm billett compressor

    My setup is b230ft bottom with H profiles, 16v head, plenum intake and 1200cc injectors and maxxecu...

    Basic engine has 9.3 cr and oem cams/hydraulic lifters. So there is no sense rewwing over 7k. There is possibility to use boost solenoid ect

    Compressor side could handle the 450hp @6300 rpm with 23-30psi air flow

    But the big maybe is that where the turbine is a choke point with these garrett turbines, there they start to hinder performance, and what sort backpressure I can experience
    Hi, sorry to disturb your but I am trying to fit a wasted spark system to my old 940 wagon, in th UK.
    I was very impressed by the bracket you made, and I am cheekly wondering if you had any drawings you could let me have of it.
    I suspect my first issue is I had aircon and so the alternator/aircon bracket may be using the side bolt you used. Plus I cannot find the other bolt hole.
    BUT a drawing may help me locate/modify your superb bracket.
    I guess its fabricated from mild steel approx 0.15 ".
    Hey duder,

    I need chips for lh2.4 b230ft that help run d585 coils on wasted spark. Can you help? Have messaged there but slow or no reply.
    Currently running tlao chips, even if you just have the bin file I could get one made locally.
    Duder, I see the turbo in your avatar. That alone tells me the reverse twin scroll TD05 is the one I should run in a Redblock. Thank you for your implicit affirmation :-D
    Peace. I'd like to get up soon if you're interested. I could use TBricker help sorting this 850 for road trips and mods, plus some cosmetic issues. Get at me.
    Thanks for the invite! I'll try to make it up there. Need to get the 242 into freeway-ready condition first.
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