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  • Hi there James,

    I've heard that you sell M90s to North America
    I this still something you will do?

    Hi James, I've noticed you're clued up with your volvo's just wondering if i could pick your brains about a problem i have with a b230ft conversion into a 1991 Volvo 240. Many thanks Adam
    Hey James...out of morbid curiosity, what would an M90 setup probably cost me shipped from your little island over there? You know...the tranny, pedal/master cylinder, slave, flywheel, clutch (if good), front driveshaft half, mount (if it's different), shifter etc?
    would u be abel to get some 240 parts.i have a 1997 940 b230ft engine in it ,i have it fitted in to my mk2 escort but i was getting cought with the distrubitor on the back,so i was wundering if u had all the parts to put on the distrubitor onto the side of the block.was told to give u a pm that u might be abel to sores the parts.could u pm me back and let me know
    Hi James,
    I just sent a Friendship thing so I can set up a group of friends that post sensible things on the forum. I find I spend ages wading though a load of noncence most nights.

    hey, you were gonna send me the phone nuber of the hotel guy right? You can not bother if you would rather just tell him I'll be there friday. but um...its like 100quid or me to get to blackpool by train...who can i bum a ride from?
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