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  • We'll if you want to run bigger then stock injectors with LH 2.2 you can run 50lb per hour injectors with the 006 three inch lh2.2 amm or you can add resistors to the AMM signal line, but that isn't good I hear. You could also modify the injector constant in the lh2.2 Fuel ecu bin for bigger injectors probably. I never have but there is that option. It would take some trial and testing really to get it right. If you want to run E85 I'd use 75lb per hour injectors and the three inch amm. That matches up real good. I ran that combo with LH 2.4. Worked real good. It's not easy to swap back and forth between E85 tune and a gasoline tune, but with LH 2.2 you possibly could have two different ECU's one for gas and one tuned for E85 and just swap those out when you change fuel.
    James. I have a lh2.2 turbo chip that adds some more fuel. Sounds like you have a pretty souped up hot rod. What size injectors you running?

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