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gear whine
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    Nice meeting you @ Carlisle 2014 :)
    i dunno :lol:
    it would be fun, but with jeff in AZ you'd have to drive solo, so i guess its up to you :-P

    so far i have 9 people going on the facebook page
    Some random crackhead that was in my first semester of classes made it for me fo' free. I've got some pretty trailer-trashy brunette roots going on with the blonde hair right now, but I think I'm going back to the dark side soon anyway. :lol:
    yo man its Corey i stopped by with the silver jetta i have my 740 going but i was wondering if you have any intercooler piping laying around i have a different number now its 570 6772151 thanks man
    I have a turbo wagon 82 does this car have thicker springs then the non turbos? to lower my wagon how much should I cut the springs? Bilteins HDs will be used. Would GT242 springs be better to cut?
    Great to meet you too buddy!

    That strut brace is pretty ballin, that's 1.5" pipe, nice and beefy. I can do that for you no problems, although it'll take some figuring to get the linkages on each side perfect. Do you want an adjuster bolt on each side? Remember that mine are more like a two sided bolt, not a heim joint or rod end like in that GrpA pic. Or I could just have the adjuster bolt on one side, which would probably be a bit stronger. Or, hell, no adjuster bolt. You wouldn't be able to pre-load it, but it would be the strongest design and the easiest to make. Cheaper too.

    Price will be the same, $175, because the bar is slightly bigger and more expensive, but I won't be powdercoating it. I'll do the plates black though. If you want two adjuster screws, add $5. I'm not sure on shipping because the package will be a lot longer than my other ones. Probably $20 or so.

    My firewall braces are 1" and look pretty beefy as is:

    It would take some time and some more tools to design these in 1.5", so I wouldn't count on that for a little while.
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